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[Top 12] Best Water Bottles for Rabbits Reviewed

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Rabbits are charming creatures. They deserve your love and care — from vet visits, good housing, proper nutrition and hydration; bunnies need to remain energetic. To keep them well hydrated, a water bowl can be a handy tool. However, providing constant fresh water supply with 100% convenience requires the best water bottles for rabbits.

With the very many water bottles in the market, getting a bunny water bottle is easier said than done. One size may not fit all! Bunny bottles come in a wide variant of sizes, colors, and features. We’re here to make your work easier. We’ve therefore listed the top twelve best water bottles for rabbits for your pet’s hydration needs.

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best water bottles for rabbits

1. Choco Nose H528 No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle

If you’ve been searching for a no-drip small-sized bottle for your bunny, try out Choco Nose H528 No Drip rabbit water bottle. It has an 11.2 oz water capacity, and there’ll be no need for frequent refilling.

The water bottle doesn’t leak; thus, suitable for your bunny. In connection to this is a BPA-free nozzle that is attachable to almost all regular water bottles.

The installation process is easy and takes less than five minutes. You only need to attach the water bottle on the wall using a nail or a wooden structure.

 Last but not least, the bottle is eco-friendly and easy to wash. If you don’t have the time, you can use any other regular plastic bottle to do the job.

Pros and Cons:

  • Flexible Nozzle.
  • Doesn’t drip.
  • Leak-free.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy to wash.
  • The bottle is quite small.

2. Kaytee Chew-Proof Rabbit Water Bottle

Tight on budgets but still need a quality water bottle? This model will suit your budgeted pockets.

The water bottle has an attachment hanger, designed to securely hold it in place outside or inside the rabbit’s home.

The inexpensive bottle employs chew-proof steel and glass. Besides being BPA-free, the bottle doesn’t contain any harmful chemical components to endanger your bunny.

The glass water bottle is see-through which gives you a crystal clear view of the water level. It also comes with a lovely floating duck, which reminds the user to refill the bottle. Inside is also an elegant double ball system that reduces leaks.

Two downsides of this chew-proof bottle are in its weight and leak feature. It weighs heavily, and so doesn’t hang sturdily. Despite the ball mechanism, the bottle also has some leaks.

Pros and Cons:

  • Have refill reminder.    
  • Chew proof steel and glass. 
  • BPA free.
  • A tad heavy.

3. Lixit Deluxe Glass Rabbit Water Bottle

This premium choice has a robust construction; it boasts a durable steel and glass construction. Proper maintenance means that you’ll stay with the bottle for a long time.

The bottle is large enough to hold up to 32-ounces of water and is suitable for not only rabbits but also for ferrets and other small animals. It is dishwasher-safe and easy to hand clean, giving you flexibility and convenience.

The USDA-sealed rubber stopper prevents leaks. This stopper helps to keep the rabbit water cleaner and fresher. Inside is a stainless steel tube to facilitate the drinking.

The bottle hangs firmly using a steel bottle holder. The installation process takes less than five minutes. This feature makes it suitable for the busy rabbit guardians.

 For its cork-style lid to prevent dripping, you’re to push it pretty far.

Pros and Cons:

  • Generous water-holding capacity. 
  • Steel and glass construction.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy installation.
  • Rubber stopper is USDA approved.
  • You’ll need to use force pulling out the cork lid.

4. COCOPET Dripless Water Bottle for Rabbits

Here’s a simple and basic water bottle at an affordable rate. Though it doesn’t have many features, the few that are present work as expected.

 COCOPET Dripless water bottle uses the stainless-steel material system to increase durability. This feature, together with the no-drip water system, guarantees you of

 A bonus feature is in its four-stage regulation system that helps you remove or add steel balls when changing water flow.

 Being BPA-free, the plastic bottle doesn’t leak any harmful chemical components into the drinking water. You can reduce water drips by adjusting the black washer.

 As expected from any plastic water bottle, this model isn’t durable. It also tends to impart its plastic taste into the drinking water.

The clips do not hang the water bottle stably. If you’re not careful when refilling water in the bottle, the balls will stick at the end, preventing your bunny friend from accessing the water.

Pros and Cons:

  • Made of BPA-free plastic.
  • Four-stage regulatory system.
  • The water bottle is drip proof.
  • Water may have plastic taste. Have flimsy clips.

5. Poodle Pet Premium Rabbit Water Bottle

Are you a busy guardian who’s still in search of a reliable no-drip bottle for your rabbit? Consider this model, and you’ll appreciate its exceptional quality. This rabbit gravity dispenser is a bestseller! It comes with top-notch quality features yet sells at an affordable price. The features herein are designed to give rabbit owners convenience during operation.

This unit probably has the best installation flexibility. It features a fixer wheel that smoothly turns to adjust to your settings. With this, you can change the pipe’s direction easily hence added convenience. It is simple to use; you only need to turn open its top and carry out the refill.

 And yes, the water bottle doesn’t drip, unless the rabbit tips and taps it.

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy installation.
  • Easy refill.
  • Eco friendly and easy cleanup.
  • High-quality construction.
  • Drip proof water bottle.
  • Has a vulnerable tip.

6. SunGrow Pet Water Dispenser

Are you tired of your bunny knocking over its drinking bowl? Are you tired of the dirty water getting nasty and need frequent changing? Then, this pet water bottle is for you.

This piece has an innovative designed to act as a rabbit water bottle solution for your tiny friend. It knows best to deliver fresh and clean water while still maintaining a dry environment for your pet. The bottle also saves your carpets and floors from spills.

 It is a stainless steel rabbit drinking head featuring a tiny roller ball to make drinking an easy thing for your pet. The 0.3-inch nozzle size makes it suitable for bunnies. It has chew proof nozzle and thus durable.

The fun coloring brightens up the pet’s cage. Also, the ergonomic style allows for easy installation and easy refill.

The stainless steel drinking pipe isn’t an independent piece; it comes attached to the nozzle. This feature ensures your pet doesn’t pull out the tube from its bottle cap when drinking the water.

It assures adequate water supply is present for your bunny to remain hydrated all day long.

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy installation.
  • Easy refill.
  • Leak-free nozzle.
  • Comfortable for rabbits.
  • Requires constant push.

7. Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) SOA80800 Rabbit Water Bottle

This model is specially designed for bunnies. So, you can expect top-notch services from it!

First, the rabbit bottle has a ball vacuum hence effective and long-lasting. The drinking tube comes with a 7/16-inch diameter allowing your bunny to drink quickly and comfortably.

Handling is also easy thanks to its metal tube that easily attaches to the bunny’s cage. It is best for commercial indoor cages. This bottle is transparent, and a glimpse at it will help you identify the water level.

Moreover, the model has an easy clean up; you only need to unscrew its top and start the cleaning. The refill process is also straightforward.

The bottle’s capacity is 32 ounces and, therefore, ideal for only one rabbit. Multiple rabbits mean that you’ll need to buy each of its own.

Pros and Cons:

  • Almost transparent.
  • No-drip.
  • Metal tube.
  • Nozzle allows flexible use.
  • Almost transparent bottle.
  • Not sturdy.

8. Ferplast Sippy Water Bottle

This plastic bottle particularly suits small animals like rabbits. They’re designed with utmost care and thus worth considering.

Thanks to the double fixing mechanism, the bottle can be installed on glass or plastic habitats and wire mesh enclosures. Installation is made easy with its smooth-surfaced suction cups. Noteworthy, the attachment mechanism is excellent for cages with horizontal bars. It may not fit perfectly with the vertical bars since friction doesn’t hold it.

This bottle features an open-able lid that allows easy and quick refills. The steel nozzle is stainless and non-drip. The combination lets your bunny drink water comfortably.

The bottle comes in different sizes of 600, 300, and 100ml. You’ll get to choose the one that best suits your rabbit’s size. The 300 ml size bottles are durable, but the 100 ml sized ones will need frequent refilling.

Pros and Cons:

  • Non-drip.
  • Easy installation.
  • Convenient and easy opening lid.
  • Can be leaky when tipped and tossed by the rabbit.

9. Rent a coop Water Bottle

Are you bored with opening an entire bottle to make a refill? Well, Rent A Coop No Drip Small Animal water bottle is what will help you eliminate this bother.

The bottle has a square-shaped filter that allows you easy refill by opening its cap. The manufacturer gives a two-year extended warranty. The high-grade plastic bottle is from BPA-free material. And just like any other cheap water bottle, this unit isn’t chewable.

The 2-liter water capacity is large enough, but you can go for the 1-liter bottle if you need a smaller version. This one also has an easy installation process. Unlike many other rabbit bottles, this quality bottle comes with an installation guide. Place it outside the cage, insert its tap, and attach its spring clip.

Pros and Cons:

  • 2-liter volume capacity.
  • Drip-free design.
  • Non-chewable.
  • Made of food-grade and BPA free plastic material.
  • Suitable for multiple bunnies.
  • Easy setup.
  • Square design.
  • The manufacturer promises no-drip though some rabbit parents find this dripping.

10. Satispet Premium Water Bottle

Here’s another excellent bottle ideal for almost all small pets.

The premium water bottle has a generous capacity and will not tire you with frequent refills, although this will depend on your rabbit’s thirst level and size.

It has a leak-proof make thanks to the ball-bearing metal tube at its front part. You’ll be happy to know that the water bottle comes in 3 different ball bearing sizes. This feature allows you to adjust the rate of water flow to suit your smaller or larger pets.

The product is made from a durable plastic material that doesn’t shatter and is chew-resistant, though not ultimately chew-proof. The metal components of the bottle are long-lasting and durable.

This pet bottle doesn’t release any toxic components in the drinking water. Moreover, it is easy to install on almost any wire mesh cage with its mounting hardware.

That said, the mounting hardware could be a bit higher in quality.

Simply put, the water bottle is safe, straightforward, and useful. Its affordability makes it attractive to almost every rabbit parent.

Pros and Cons:

  • Leak-free.
  • Easy to fill and wash.
  • Simple mounting.
  • Adjustable water flow rate.
  • Relatively durable.
  • The mounting hardware is of sub-standard quality.

11. Living World Eco Water Bottle

Simple yet effective! Just like the Living World Eco water bottle for rabbits, this one has a low price tag and few features. Amazingly the few that are present work perfectly to exceed your expectations.

So, if you’re in search of an effective and robust rabbit bottle, consider the Living World Eco + Water Bottle. It is a product of recycled glass, making it chew-proof, sturdy, and durable.

The bottle’s capacity is 12 ounces, sufficient for at most two bunnies.

Like any other bottle in this, the Living World Eco water bottle is easy to wash clean. You only need to pop open its mouth and use a cleaning detergent to wash it.

Pros and Cons:

  • Drip resistant.
  • Sturdy make.
  • Chew proof water bottle.
  • Easy cleaning and setup.
  • Drinking tube has a double ball system for convenient drinking.
  • Some customers claim that its opening starts leaking after using the bottle for some days.

12. Guardians Drinking Dispenser

This compact and unique drinking dispenser keeps your rabbit friend hydrated. It comes with a hideout base and a small food container. As a result the product has multiple use ability.

Its cap brags a secured flow-control valve to prevent leaking, spillages, or backwash contamination.

It can stand on its own base or can be hanged, makes it an easy-to-use plastic water bottle. The available color is hot pink, blue and purple which is aesthetically appealing. It is lightweight and has compact size dimensions, thus you can easily put anywhere you like in your pet’s cage.

It has 80 ml and 125 ml volume capacity, and the refill frequency may not be so frequent.

The water bottle is easy to wash; snap it upright into a tray and squeeze it tightly to pour out the water.

Pros and Cons:

  • Comes with a water bottle, food bowl and hideout place.
  • The design makes it easy to use and clean.
  • Double ball system makes it drip resistant.
  • Available in three lively colors.
  • Have 90 days manufacturer warranty.
  • Nozzle is made of chew proof stainless steel.
  • No plastic odor in water.
  • If not hanged constantly gets tipped over.

How much Water should a Rabbit Drink?

Animals depend on water to live. However, rabbits need more drinking water than any other like species.

A rabbit weighing 5 pounds will drink an equal amount of water that a dog weighing 24 pounds can drink in a day. On average, a 2.2-pound rabbit consumes 50 – 150 ml of water/kg of body weight in a day.

This amount of water may increase depending on some factors. For example, if the rabbit doesn’t have food access, it’ll drink too much water. Further, if the pet goes for three or more days without food, it’s likely to increase its water consumption rate by 6.6 times the regular input.

Bottle Vs. Bowl : Which one is better?

A bowl comes with several problems. Generally, rabbits learn how to use water bottles quickly than they do with bowls. And unlike bottles, bowls are more prone to get urinal or fecal contamination. This makes water bottles with sipper tubes the most suitable way of offering water to a rabbit.

When teaching your small friend to use a drinking bottle, smear some sweet jam or molasses on the tube to encourage it to drink water. Discontinue this treat on noticing that the rabbit can drink regularly from the bottle. Check the sippers several times to be sure that the flow of water is free-flowing.

Best Water Bottles for Rabbits : Buying Guide

Bottle Size and Capacity:

A 4-pound bunny needs at least one full cup of water in a day. This means that the size of the bunny best determines the volume of consumption. Some bottles have a volume capacity of only 4-ounces, whereas others hold gallons. 

We recommend rabbit water bottles with a 12-ounce minimum water capacity even if you’re handling only one rabbit. There’s no need to buy a 32-ounce if you’re watering one rabbit. The water will sit long enough to allow bacteria growth.


The best water bottles for rabbits are mainly made of three types of materials, Glass, Plastic and Steel. Knowing the pros and cons of these materials will help you choose what best suits your needs.


Glass bottles are more durable when compared with steel and plastic bottles. However, they’re heavy, expensive, and difficult to fasten on cages.


Plastic bottles are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to fasten on cages. The only issue is that they leave a plastic taste on the water, which adversely affects the flavor.

Stainless Steel:

Steel water bottles are durable and safe. Their only downside is that they also leave a metallic taste on the water.


A nozzle is a crucial component of a rabbit bottle. Everyone wants convenience. Therefore, when out for purchase; be sure to go for one that doesn’t leak. Noteworthy, most manufacturers promise a leak-free nozzle but their products deny their claims. Thankfully, this review will help you know the best to settle with.

Also, your bunny’s size and age will determine the nozzle size you’re to purchase. A small rabbit cannot drink from a large nozzle, and the vice versa is also true.

Installation Ease:

It may be challenging to know whether a water bottle’s installation process is easy or hard during your purchase process. You needn’t use plastic zips or twisty ties to hang the bottle. The brand should fasten smoothly and on either side of a cage. This versatility is crucial as it helps you to hang the bottle and go your way.

Our review has tried explaining to you the best water bottle with easy installation. You can consider one from these.

Maintenance and Cleaning:

It is advisable to know whether a water bottle is machine-cleaned or hand-washed before making a purchase. These features help you choose what will be comfortable and convenient for your needs. Regular cleaning is paramount for every water bottle.

Otherwise, the bottles will be vulnerable to microorganisms’ infections. So, it will be wise to consider a bottle with a mouth opening. Transparent bottles will help you see through the bottle’s inner condition and know if it’s time to clean.


A versatile bottle is one that best adapts to various activities and still performs excellently. A rabbit drinking water bottle is versatile if it can perfectly blend factors like functionality, easy wash ability, easy installation, affordability, toxicity free, durability, and robust build quality.

 A combination of all this will give you peace of mind if you’re a traveling guardian who may not have the time to keep on checking your rabbit friend. Before making your purchase, these are some of the vital things that you should inquire about the product.

Age and Number of rabbits you own:

This factor is almost similar to the capacity factor. The age and number of rabbits you own will determine the water bottle’s capacity you’ll select. If you’re not willing to spend lots of money, consider buying one large bunny water bottle.

While older bunnies can share or drink from the same water bottle, this may not be possible for the smaller bunnies. In this case, you’ll need to buy a smaller water bottle for each tiny bunny.

How to Teach Baby Rabbits to Use Water Bottles for the First Time?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Rabbits cannot tolerate water deprivation for more than one day or 24 hours. Rabbits having health problems and in hot weather this time can be even less.

Dehydrated bunnies have the following symptoms:

  • Thick sticky saliva,
  • Crusty eyes,
  • Poor appetite,
  • Small amounts of dark colored urine, or hard dry fecal pellets.

To correct dehydration, extra water must be given to your rabbit.

If your rabbit is not drinking enough water you can add a little apple juice to it and make it more appealing.

A small amount of sweet will encourage your rabbit to take the tip of the water bottle in its mouth. Use very small amount of honey, sugar or juice.

Stainless steel water bottles are very safe because steel does not contain chemicals like plastics bottles that cause health hazards.

Conclusion : Best Water Bottles for Rabbits

From our list of 12 best water bottles for rabbits, we consider Choco Nose No-Drip Small Animal Water Bottle as the top pick. It is the most suitable model of a rabbit drinking water bottle which lasts long without dripping. Additionally, the product delivers all the manufacturer promises.

 We recommend this to any rabbit parent who’s in search of quality and convenience.

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