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The main source of fiber in your rabbit’s diet is hay. This helps to keep the gastrointestinal tract of your rabbit working properly and effectively. Therefore, you need to ensure that your rabbit has easy access to the hay. If you feed your rabbit on the cage floor your pet may pee on the hay and mess them up all over the cage. Resulting in wastage of hay, making the cage dirty and unhygienic. To keep the feed-in proper place Rabbit Hay Feeder has been introduced.

Hay feeder guarantees that your pet gets an adequate amount of hay whenever it requires. Not all the hay feeders are equally manufactured. Some of them come along with useful and improved features.

rabbit hay feeder

To help you select the perfect hay feeder for your bunny, we have done extensive research and listed the most desirable Rabbit Hay Feeder. You will not be disappointed if you choose one from our list.

1. Small Pet Select Hand Made Hay Manger

You will be pleased to know the reason why I have chosen this as No. 1 rabbit hay feeder. Here are the reasons.

I do not think, rather I believe that this is the safest hay feeder in the market with a very unique design. This product is totally hand made by Small Pet Select. This company is one of the most renowned pet supply companies not only in the USA but also in the world.

However, this rabbit hay feeder is manufactured only with Kiln dried premium untreated pine wood and rope. Keeping the safety of the pet in mind the manufacturer does not use any screws, nails, or glues.

It is available in 2 sizes, small size is suitable for rabbits under 6 pounds is 7″ wide x 11 7/8″ long. But if your rabbit is over 6 pounds, you are advised to purchase the large size which is 11″ wide x 14″ long.

The good things are not over yet, the product weight is only 2 pounds. If you own multiple bunnies, one feeder can take care of both your pets, because it has two holes and the size of each hole is 2-3 inches.   

Pros and Cons:

  • Made of durable and sturdy wood and rope only.
  • No glues, nails, or screws.
  • Safe and good for the rabbit’s teeth.
  • Stylish Design.
  • Works well with the litter box.
  • No waste of hay.
  • Space-saving size.
  • Maintain hay in the proper place.
  • Can feed multiple rabbits.
  • Easy to hang.
  • Sometimes the ropes are hard to tie.

2. CalPalmy (Upgraded 2-Pack) Hay Feeder/Rack

Are you tired of cleaning off the grass on the floor mixed with pee and poop? Then CalPalmy Rabbit Hay feeder is for you. The specially designed metal grate holds hay in place and keeps them clean and fresh at all times. No messy cage floor and almost wastage of hay.

The feeder is made with 100% premium-quality, non-toxic, BPA free plastic. The product is sturdy, long-lasting, and appropriate for rabbit, chinchilla, and guinea pig.

The product comes with a screw style mount. Therefore it helps the feeder to hold itself strong and you can place it anywhere your bunny prefers without any additional tools and efforts.

You will be happy to know that you require less than 30 seconds to put it on and off the cage

The product is available only in one size. The dimension is approximately 5.5’’ X 3’’ X 7.4’’. But before placing an order please make sure that the feeder fits the cage of your pet.

Pros and Cons:

  • No mess on the floor keeps cage clean.
  • Minimize wastage of hay.
  • Made with non-toxic plastic safe for rabbits.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Durable.
  • Very easy to install clean and refill.
  • The special metal spring action grid holds the hay in place.
  • Not too big, so requires less space.
  • Holds enough hay.
  • Comes in a twin pack, suitable for multiple pets.
  • Screws are hard to turn. The spring contraption can come loose and hard to get back on.

3. Niteangel Rabbit Hay Feeder

If you are worried about continuous leaked and wasted hay. This Niteangel Rabbit Hay Feeder is here to solve the problem. You will love its hang-anywhere design and size. Besides cage hanging, you can put this rack in any corner of the cage as a stand-alone feeder.

This is the only decent hay feeder you could find that wasn’t made of plastic, which your bunny can just chew right through. This is not only bigger (perfect size for 2 bunnies) but is really durable. It also offers just the precise amount of challenge for your rabbit to get to their hay.
The security feature of the feeder is impressive. The edges of the hay feeder are well polished and smooth. Therefore, it becomes pet-friendly. You do not need to worry regarding your rabbit getting hurt, cuts, or wounds. 

This rabbit hay feeder is made of finest Plywood, which is not only allergen-free and non-toxic but also durable. Therefore, it becomes harmless for your rabbit to chew. And is actually big enough, Size: 7” x 6.3” x5.8” to only have to refill once or twice a day.
The Niteangel feeder does a great job of keeping hay messes to a minimum level and prevents unnecessary waste. It is also available at a completely reasonable price.

Pros and Cons:

  • Made of natural wood material.
  • You can store both hay and kibble in a single feeder.
  • Reduce wastage of hay.
  • Can be kept freestanding or attached to a cage with the provided hooks.
  • Smooth edges ensure the safety of your rabbit.
  • Small space between slats keeps mess to a minimum and saves hay.
  • Durable construction resists chewing and breaking.
  • Has a lid that keeps rabbits out of the hay feeder.
  • Comes at a very reasonable price.
  • Not great for larger rabbits.

4. JKGHK Hay Feeder Cylindrical Stand Feeding Manger

This cylindrical Rabbit Hay Feeder is indeed very unique in design. Unlike most hay feeder models, this one allows pets to pull hay from a 360-degree perspective. A reasonable distance of pillars and round shape enable rabbits to reach hays or grasses easily from any angles.

Surely this is a modern concept. Because of its round shape, the parents of multiple rabbits will love to have it as all the bunnies can eat simultaneously from this rabbit hay feeder.

To keep the hay safe from messing up, the hay rack has a removable cover on top of it.   This also allows you to clean it very easily and you also can replenish it within few seconds. Your pets can also use it as a toy by rolling it around and hanging on it.

The JKGHK cylindrical hay feeder measures 9.7-inch height, and the diameter is 7.6-inch. Besides being an efficient feeder, this product can also work as a decoration piece to increase the beauty of your pet’s habitat. It can be kept anywhere you want to put in your pet cage, hutch, enclosure, or playpens.

The hay manger is big enough to hold the hays or grass for your bunnies, they can enjoy the chewing time as they wish

Pros and Cons:

  • Unique design with no sharp edges, so your rabbit has no chances to get hurt.
  • Easy to clean and easy to refill.
  • Has a smooth and steady base and will not fall over easily.
  • Made with Natural Birchwood material.
  • Chew resistant construction.
  • Attractive look.
  • Pets can feed on it as well as use it as a toy.
  • Multiple pets can be fed.
  • Big enough to hold adequate hays and grass.
  • Safe and secure.
  • When rabbits rolls and knocks it down, it is possible for the top lid to open if not closed properly.

5. ASOCEA Small Animals Hay Bag

Here is another unique hay feeder for you, ASOCEA Small Animals Hay Bag. Manufactured with high quality 1000D Nylon material. The reinforced stitching has given the product extra strength and durability to withstand the pressure of small animal claws and teeth. Very lightweight since no plastic or wood is used. It is also very easy to carry.

This is suitable for those rabbit owners who are in search for a portable rabbit hay feeder. Does not require anything to install it. It has two metal buckle on top of it, you just need to fill the bag with hay or grass and hang it anywhere you like. You can even place the litter box under the feeder bag.

The dimensions of this rabbit hay bag is 9*11 inches in length and 23*28 cm in width. The size clearly shows that this rabbit hay feeder bag has adequate space to hold enough food for your pet. So, if you do not have enough time for your rabbits then this hay bag is for you. Please measure your cage before placing order.

This rabbit hay feeder has several windows big enough for the pets to successfully eat the hay, yet small enough for them to climb. It is suitable for not only rabbits but also for chinchillas, guinea pigs, gale Saur and other small animals from mild to heavy chewers.

It has a sturdy magic sticker strip which prevents your pets to get inside the bag and pull out extra hay or grass and waste them. This bag has several windows through which multiple pets can enjoy their meal.

Pros and Cons:

  • Unique design.
  • Made with durable nylon fabric.
  • Extra gentle on animal gums and teeth.
  • The bag is portable and can be hanged anywhere.
  • Enough space to hold an adequate amount of hay or grass.
  • Little or no wastage of hay.
  • Suitable for a wide range of small animals.
  • The bag has a chewable bottom.
  • Price can be cheaper.

6. Sxbest 2 in 1 Food Hay Feeder

This hay feeder can be a perfect choice for indoor pets. Suitable for small rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small animals.

Sxbest 2 in 1 rabbit Hay Feeder has two main layers. The upper layer is for hay or grass while the lower part works as a food bowl. Both parts are easily detachable and can be easily cleaned within a few minutes. As the model suggests 2 in 1, the feeder can be used for a combination of two different foods.

The feeder is made of solid and safe high-quality plastic ensuring a long-lasting life. There is stainless steel covering at its lower edge. This covering prevents the feeder from pet biting. There is a plastic protective at the outermost layer, which needs to be removed prior to use.

The back lock cross screw design of the feeder allows you to connect it easily to the wire cage. The height can be easily and freely adjusted without the help of any extra mechanical tools. Please make sure that the diameter of the cage wire is lesser than 3.9mm/0.15 inches.

The dimensions of the feeder in 5.9 inches in length, 5.9 inches in width, and 7.1 inches in height.

Pros and Cons:

  • Can serve two different types of foods.
  • Great quality and size compared to the price.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Easy to install and easy to clean.
  • The open top allows easy refill of hays.
  • Too much hay fell to the bottom rather quickly.
  • Not convenient for small rabbits as they cannot reach the hay layer easily.

7. Kaytee Hay and Grass Buffets

Till now I have reviewed rabbit hay feeder made of wood, plastics, and nylon. But this one is an extraordinary and matchless rabbit hay feeder from the renowned pet supply company Kaytee. I can bet that the quality of this product will be amazing.

However, this hay and grass buffet from Kaytee is entirely made of metal. The manufacturer has followed a very simple mechanism to build this product. You just require to adjust the feeder with the rabbit cage. No tools are required to complete this job.

The dimension of this hay feeder is 4 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 7.25 inches in height. So, from the dimension, it is clearly understandable that the feeder is absolutely perfect for rabbits.

There are two different shapes of the feeder in which multiple colors are available in the market. One is square sized and the other is ball-shaped. So, you have all the liberty to choose your desired one for your loving pet.

Pros and Cons:

  • Full metal construction.
  • Available in two shapes and multiple colors.
  • Very Unique in design.
  • Keeps hay off from the cage floor.
  • Pre-built Salt spool holder.
  • Easy to install and easy to access.
  • Chew resistant.
  • Quite small to hold enough hay.

8. Ware manufacturing Hay Rack

Well, this the 2nd metal rabbit hay rack in our list and is completely different from the other rabbit hay feeders we reviewed so far. This feeder is also one of a kind for its exceptional design that allows rabbits only to pull out what hay they eat instead of playing in it.

This hay rack is manufactured with a metal coating, thus it becomes non-chewable and long-lasting. Therefore, it is convenient for both your pet and you. To fill the hay tray with hay or grass it is not required for you to open any lid or cover. What you have to do is just deliver the hay from outside of the cage and your rabbit will eat the hay from inside the cage. As simple as it can be.

The dimension of the rabbit hay rack is 9-1/2 inches long, 4-inches wide, and 7-1/4 inches high. Comes in fully assembled form and easily attaches to the outside of any wire cage. It is also very easy to fill and clean.

But one thing you need to keep in mind. The hay feeder is quite large, so you must require a proper rabbit cage to use this hay rack conveniently. It will be unwise to buy it you do not possess the right rabbit cage.

Pros and Cons:

  • All metal wire construction.
  • Available in assorted colors.
  • Long-lasting and chew resistant.
  • Very easy to install and easy to clean.
  • Convenient for both owner and the pet.
  • Comes at a very reasonable price.
  • The bottom tilts down and move away from the cage wall. This means once the front hay has been eaten, the hay falls backwards and goes out of reach of the rabbit.
  • The color option could be improved.

9. Mkono Hay Feeder

Let me introduce to you a fine rabbit hay rack for your lovely pet. To keep the hay clean, organized and hold them in place the bin type feeder has a special designed metal grate. This grate also ensures generous supply of hay minimizing dispersion.

If the chewing habit of your bunny worries you, then this rabbit hay rack is perfect for you. It is made of hard and supreme quality food-grade plastic and metal. It is long lasting, durable and non-toxic. The steel front prevent your rabbit from chewing. Therefore, it is appropriate for long term use.

The best part of the feeder is that it can be directly connected to any wire cage. Also you can put it anywhere of your preference.

This rabbit hay feeder measures 5.5-inches in length, 3.5-inches in width and 7 3/8inches in height. To attach the feeder a back lock having diameter approx. 5/8 inches is included. Anyway, Mkono rabbit hay rack can be connected with any support.

Pros and Cons:

  • Made with heavy duty plastic and metal.
  • Easy to load with hay.
  • The hay is securely held in place with a metal grate.
  • Appropriate for long term use.
  • Non-chewable.
  • Comes with a back lock.
  • Chic appearance.
  • Prevents wastage of hay.
  • Too small gaps for the bunnies to get their hay out.

10. Kaytee Food Dispensers

Kaytee Food Dispensers are made from both plastic and wood. It holds an adequate amount of food for your pet and is very safe to use.

The carabinier clips lock system keeps the feeder secured in a place. So, it is very easy to install. No extra tools or mechanism is required to set it up and you can just hook it up anywhere inside your pet’s cage you want. The relocation of this feeder is also as simple as its installation, which makes the feeder so great. Therefore, it also helps you to take care of your pet in the best possible way.

There is a metal fence in the feeder which holds the hay in place while your rabbit eats them. You just need to put the hay behind the fence and it will stay in place. There is a bottom beam which is a separate compartment, where you can keep a different type of food for your rabbit. Therefore, in this feeder, you can serve multiple types of food.

This top rabbit hay feeder is made from BPA free nontoxic materials. So, this will not harm your pet and your pet gets healthy food from a healthy. The size of this feeder is 5-3/4-inches in length, 5-3/4-inches in width, 7-inches high, and holds enough food for your pet. The product is very lightweight weighing just 1 pound and is available in assorted colors.

Pros and Cons:

  • Combo feeder distributes hay and food without making any mess.
  • Able to keep a substantial supply of food and hay in a hygienic, planned way.
  • Quick-lock secure feeder in place.
  • Made of durable plastic and wood.
  • Can hold enough food for rabbits.
  • Great value for money.
  • Some may find it difficult to latch the metal fence.

What are the Different Types of Rabbit Hay Feeder?

Metal Feeder:
Metal Hay feeders are made with zinc-plated wire. This feeder is suitable for rabbits kept in metal cages or in such a place having wire fence around its habitat. This type of hay feeder is found at a very cheap price. It is very durable and can be installed anywhere just by hanging. These hay racks are normally smaller in size requiring more than one to keep enough hay for continuous feeding.

 Wooden Hay Feeder:
As the title indicates these hay feeders are made of wood. Untreated wood is used to make the feeders because bunnies can take a bite on them. These type of feeders are normally free standing so can be placed anywhere inside the bunny’s living area. Adding a wide top on the feeders can give your pets some extra space to play, sit, and relax.

Untreated wood is the best option for bunnies, just in case, they end up taking a bite here and there. If your bun loves chewing wood, this may not be the best option.

Plastic feeder:
Because of their size, Plastic hay feeders are suitable for cages. These feeders are very easy to clean and refill. While choosing plastic hay feeders make sure they are metal coated and chew resistant. Otherwise, your pet may easily chew them which may cause GI sufferings.

Hay bag
Yes, you read it right. This is an innovative and very useful perception. The hay wastage rate is very low in these bags.

Homemade Hay Feeder:
Making hay feeders with empty paper towel rolls, card boxes, pillowcases or clean old socks can be fun. By doing so you can save money and exhibit your creativity by giving something new to your pet.

Choosing Rabbit Hay Feeder: Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right hay feeder for your bunny is not so easy. You need to take care of the following aspects while choosing the perfect hay rack:

The main consideration for a rabbit hay feeder is Capacity. Assuming per day hay requirement of your pets you can buy more than one feeder or can buy a bigger one.

Design plays an important role in choosing the right hay feeder for your pet. If the feeder has any sharp corner or rough edge then your pet may accidentally get hurt.

We all know that the rabbit skin is very much sensitive and any kind of sore can make them ill by inviting parasitic flies and cause Fly Strike. To avoid this risk the design of the rabbit hay feeder needs to be safe and harmless.

Size is another important factor while choosing the rabbit hay feeder. With the growth of your pet, you have to change the feeder. But also keep in mind that you do not put a very big feeder and endanger your loving bunny.

 Durable Material:
For the smooth running of their digestive system and to control their teeth growth rabbits continuously graze and chew.

However, rabbits do not know what they are chewing! So, it is your responsibility to make sure that the hay feeder you bring for your pet is made of hard plastic or metal. As these materials are durable and chew proof.

Easy to Refill and Clean:
To maintain hygiene you need to refill and clean the hay feeder at least twice a week. So for your convenience, you will definitely want a hay feeder that is easy to clean and restock with dry and fresh hay.

Easy Installation:
While choosing the right hay feeder you need to make sure whether the rack will fit your pet’s living space and can be installed easily and quickly.

Access to hay:
Rabbits normally tend to pull out all the hay at once and make a mess on the floor. An ideal feeder will not allow doing so. As a result, prevents hay from wastage.

Where to set a Rabbit Hay Feeder?

Rabbits have the habit of eating and pooping at the same place. Placing the feeder over the litter box will encourage good litter training behavior of your bunny.

Rabbit Hay Feeder DIY

Frequently Asked Questions:

It is not necessary to provide hay feeders to rabbits. The main benefit of Rabbit hay feeder is to keep hay and grass dry and fresh and to maintain cleanliness and hygiene

No certain answer to this question. Good feeder is the one that store the hay safely, keeps food dry and fresh and reduce wastage. It can of any size and shape (Bag, rack or bin)

Size of the hay feeder depends on the size of your bunny. The bigger the rabbit the bigger the feeder. An adult rabbit require hay 24 hours a day. So, a large sized feeder will be helpful if you own more than one rabbit.

Based on the cage you have, you can select the appropriate place to keep the hay feeder. Most ready-made feeders come with the option to hang on the cage. Only free standing wooden hay feeder has more than one placement options.

Conclusion : Rabbit Hay Feeder

In this article, we have reviewed 10 high-quality Rabbit Hay Feeder. These feeders will definitely help to keep the hay dry your rabbit cage clean, dry and hygienic. Your pet will also remain entertained by chewing the hay. Consuming an excess amount of hay is a time-consuming activity which would keep your rabbit entertained. But do not worry consuming excess amounts of hay doesn’t result in weight gain.

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